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Currently, I am recovering from Hurricane Irma.  Most of the plants I had for sale are either dead or suffering and must be rehabilitated.  Most of my seedlings are dead as well.  Hopefully, I will have a selection of sale plants by August 2018.

For more information, contact me at

TRADES:  Generally, I offer large lead divisions with active growth, bare root.  I trade for like divisions, not puny or non-growing pieces of plants, unless arrangements are made (I have been burned in the past).



Posted June 15, 2012 by brianmonk

3 responses to “FOR SALE or TRADE

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  1. Hi Brian, I am a member of the Houston Orchid Society and would like to pre-order three Miltonias for you to bring to the meeting on Nov. 5th.

    Milt. Anne Warne ‘Alii’
    Milt. Binoti ‘Peloric # 1’
    Milt. Goodale Moir ‘Golden Wonder’

    Thank you

    Eve Fewel

  2. i would like to purchase division of Milt clowesii and regnelli at the HOS meeting ..I also have a large collection of criterion cattleyas and would consider a trade for C Horace…all of mine froze a few years ago….I will virus test anything you are interested in….ie I recently divided Blc Pirates fortune “Fine Wine”…nice old red…let me know if you are interested in anything…Denny Haase Spring Orchids 22332 Gosling Rd Spring Texas 77389 713-898-4411 I have been growing Brasillian milts for 15 years…grow great with the cattleyas…a little too hot here to get the max flower size but they always bloom without doing anything special..If you would like prepayment call me and I will give credit info. Thanks Denny

  3. I am looking for an Lc. Magic Bell, do you have any in stock!
    Sharon Duritzo
    Long Island Orchid Society

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