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As it says, these are currently the orchids I have for sale OR trade.  I am an active trader, and pride myself on how cheaply I have acquired an outstanding collection.  Most of the plants in my collection are Cattleyas, Intergeneric Hybrids, Brazilian Miltonias, and Paphs.  Check back often, as things change from month to month!

For more information, contact me at

TRADES:  Generally, I offer large lead divisions with active growth, bare root.  I trade for like divisions, not puny or non-growing pieces of plants, unless arrangements are made (I have been burned in the past).

Plant Name Description Price
(C. Christopher Hausermann x C. harrisoniana) A huge C. harrisoniana type 25
(Rlc. Mahina Yahiro x C. harrisoniana) Seedlings of a new cross. Big pink labiate Cat 12
C. Claesiana ‘Carol’ VERY SMALL VERY SMALL division; an excellent white Claesiana 25
C. Crystelle Smith ‘Gold Throat’ Mericlone, Lead division 10
C. Fulvescens ‘#3’ Has a tendedncy to throw mutated flowers, but very pretty.  Trade only. Trade only
C. Fulvescens ‘#2’ C. dowiana x C. forbesii; Imagine a brighter forbesii on steroids. 25
C. Fulvescens ‘#1’ Same, better form, fewer flowers 25
C. harrisoniana var. alba ‘Blu Llama’ Best alba harrisoniana ever; form and size rivals typical harrisonianas! 100
C. Hawaiian Wedding Song ”Virgin” AM/AOS Small plant available, 4N 25
C. Horace var. ORIGINAL DIVISION ‘Maxima’ AM/AOS Original division of this famous plant. 200
C. loddigesii ‘Chicken Dinner’ A good typical loddigesii 25
C. loddigesii var. Tipo ‘BTA’ BTA means Better Than Avergae 25
C. loddigesii var. alba ‘Mary-Margaret’s Sherpa’ A very good white loddigesii, with a flatter lip than most. 35
C. loddigesii ‘Carina’ ORIGINAL DIV 35
C. Pearl Harbor var. ORIG DIV ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS A white late summer/early fall bloomer 75
C. schroderae var. SVO x self ‘Fat Bastard’ Big, pink, egg yolk throat 75
C. Tsiku Taiwan ‘Everglades’ A very unusual walkeriana hybrid, very intense fuchsia, very fragrant. 50
C. walkeriana var. alba ‘Blu Llama (Pendentive x self)’ A selfing of Pendentive; big flower, very heavy substance, wonderfully fragrant. 35
Cau. bicornutum Small established plant. 12
Ctt. Bouquet ‘Everglades Best’ A real show stopper, with up to ten 4-inch bright lavender flowers per stem. 25
Ctt. Gold Digger ‘Orchid Jungle’ HCC/AOS Has to be divided 12 to 25
Ctt. Gold Digger ‘Orglade’s Mandarin’ Has to be divided 12 to 25
Ctt. Pink Angel ‘Blush’ Has to be divided 12 to 25
E. tampensis var. alba ‘Whitefly’ A very nice cultivar, from a selfing of and better than Mendenhall 12 to 25
Grt. Why Not ‘Orglade’s Goldstrike’ JC/AOS One of two cultivars of YELlOW Why Not 150
Gur. aurantiaca var. xanthic alba ‘Bit O’Honey’ Xanthic alba – A concolor yellow with NO OTHER COLOR EVER. Has to be divided 25
Gur. skinneri ‘Casa Luna’ AM/AOS A big typical skinneri. Has to be divided 25
Lc. Hsin Buu Lady ”Y.T.” AM/AOS Interesting ancep breeding; like an intense red anceps. Has to be divided. 12 to 25
Lc. Mini Purple var. coerulea ‘Fountain’ 20
Lc. Puppy Love ‘True Beauty’ HCC/AOS Pink anceps breedding; a great orchid. Established. 25
Lc. Simplicity ‘In The Pink’ L. longipes x C. loddigesii.  Blooms throughout the year, a HARDY pink rupicolous Laelia. Has to be divided. 25
Rlc. Bryce Canyon var. ORIG DIV ‘Splendiferous’ AM/AOS 200
Rlc. Campobello var. ORIG DIV ‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS 100
Rlc. Déesse var. Orig Div ‘Perfection’  HCC/AOS Cym Virus POSITIVE. 200
Rlc. Erin Kobayashi var. ORIG DIV ‘Lahaina Gold’ AM/AOS 300
Rlc. Goldenzelle ‘Frank Smith’ Has to be divided 15 to 25
Rlc. Groganiae ‘Mariposa Rosada’ Interesting cross between Rhy. Digbyana x C. loddigesii. Prolific bloomer. Has to be divided. 15 to 25
Rlc. Groganiae ‘#2’ Interesting cross between Rhy. Digbyana x C. loddigesii. Prolific bloomer. Has to be divided. 15 to 25
Rlc. Groganiae ‘#3’ Interesting cross between Rhy. Digbyana x C. loddigesii. Prolific bloomer. Has to be divided. 15 to 25
Rlc. Mount Anderson ‘Genevieve’ AM/AOS Has to be divided 20-40
Rlc. Mount Hood var. ORIGINAL DIV ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS 150
Rlc. Susan Fender ‘Cinnamon Stick’ AM/AOS Has to be divided 20-40
Rlc. Williette Wong ‘The Best’ AM/AOS Has to be divided 20-40
S. cernua Colchicine treated seedlings 20
Paph. Deedmannianum Paph. chamberlanianum x spicerianum 20
Paph. Golddollar Paph. primulinum x armeniacum 10 to 20
Paph. Grant Szabo ‘A’ Paph. Delrosi x primulinum; charming multi-floral white with pale pink blush and pink markings. Last blooming with 4 flowers per stem. 10 to 20
Paph. Grant Szabo ‘B’ Different cultivar. Same quality. 10 to 20
Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara var. alba ‘Hayabusa’ 10 to 20
Paph. Iantha Stage 15
Paph. insigne var. sanderae ‘Carol DeBiase’ 10 to 20
Paph. Miracle ‘Victory’  AM/AOS An old plant, awarded in 1958. 100
(Milt. Binotii x Milt. Matto Grosso) Brazilian Miltonia 15
Asp. Tight Jeans An odd Aspasia hybrid, between Asp. psittacina x Asp. epidendroides, made by Helmut Rorhl. 15
Mtssa. Andy Easton Bright purple stars 12
Mtssa. Golden Spider ‘Copious’ A yellow-green Miltassia 12
Mtssa. Olmec ‘Waterfall’ A very good clone of Olmec, much more colorful.  Possibly a mericlone mutation. 15
Gbt. Mervyn Grant ‘Talisman Cove’ 12
Milt. Binotii ‘#12’ A good, purple Brazilian Miltonia with watermarks. 15
Milt. Binotii ‘Peloric #1’ A peloric Binotii, with pale cream sepals and pink lip and petals. 15
Milt. Bluntii ‘Lake Okeechobee’ HCC/AOS Dark purple with light purple spots. 40
Milt. Bluntii ‘Rainfall’ Award quality, dark purple with light purple spots. Same breeding as Lake Okeechobee. 40
Milt. Bluntii ‘Royal Decree’ Award quality, dark purple with light purple spots. Same breeding as Lake Okeechobee. 40
Milt. Castanea ‘La Jolla’ Huge sprays of up to 7 flowers per inflorescence.  Petals/sepals are yellow with darker watermarks, and the lip is violet. 25
Milt. clowesii ‘Alta’ An excellent representative of the species, 2N 20
Milt. Darth Vader ‘Dark Force’ Very dark purple. 20
Milt. Guanabara ‘Nuuanu’ HCC/AOS Wonderful fragrant Miltonia, with cream flowers washed with purple. 20
Milt. Honolulu ‘Warne’s Best’ HCC/AOS Dark concolor purple. 15
Milt. Honolulu Ruby ‘#1’ A huge concolor purple hybrid, very vigorous 20
Milt. Ken Peterson ‘Our Friend’ Dark concolor purple, with multiple flowers per stem. 4N 40
Milt. Ken Peterson ‘#2’ 25
Milt. Leucoglossa ‘Grassy Waters’ A cream flower overlayed with dark red watermarks and a white lip with red/purple waterfall. 20
Milt. moreliana ‘Monarch’ Excellent form, possibly 4N, but unusually small flowers for moreliana. 30
Milt. regnellii var. alba Seedlings of a sib cross of two albas. 12
Milt. Robsan’s Blush White overlayed pink, with a purple lip. 15
Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ Simliar to Castanea ‘La Jolla’ with huge sprays of flowers, sepals/petals dark yellow/gold with dark watermarks, lip pink with a dark waterfall. 25
Milt. Sandy’s Cove ‘Woodlands’ AM/AOS 25
Milt. Seminole Blood ‘Evergaldes Chief’ A dark purple, with 3-5 flowers per stem. 15
Milt. Takatsu ‘Darkest Night’ The darkest purple Miltonia there is. 20
Milt. Tiani Elderts var. semi-alba ‘Blu Llama’ Looks like a semi-alba moreliana, white with a purple lip. 50
Milt. William Kirch ‘Bread & Butter’ Clear yellow petals/sepals, and a white lip. 15
Milt. Woodlawn Ruby ‘Woodland’s’ Dark purple. 15
Milt. Xenia ‘Bob’s Bounty’ Dark yellow with darker watermarks, and a white lip with a pink blush.  4N 40
Milt. Xenia ‘ Purple Tiger’ A very interesting Xenia, with light petals and sepals and very dark purple watermarks. 50
Milt. Xenia’s Cove ‘Blu Llama’ Xenia x Sandy’s Cove.  Like a huge clowesii.  Possibly 4N. 30
Mtdm. Royal ‘Red Wonder’ Onc. fuscatum x Milt. spectabilis. 15
Oecl. angustifolia 15
Oecl. maculata 15
Bif. inodora 20
Lyc. aromatica ‘A’ 20

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3 responses to “FOR SALE or TRADE

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  1. Hi Brian, I am a member of the Houston Orchid Society and would like to pre-order three Miltonias for you to bring to the meeting on Nov. 5th.

    Milt. Anne Warne ‘Alii’
    Milt. Binoti ‘Peloric # 1’
    Milt. Goodale Moir ‘Golden Wonder’

    Thank you

    Eve Fewel

  2. i would like to purchase division of Milt clowesii and regnelli at the HOS meeting ..I also have a large collection of criterion cattleyas and would consider a trade for C Horace…all of mine froze a few years ago….I will virus test anything you are interested in….ie I recently divided Blc Pirates fortune “Fine Wine”…nice old red…let me know if you are interested in anything…Denny Haase Spring Orchids 22332 Gosling Rd Spring Texas 77389 713-898-4411 I have been growing Brasillian milts for 15 years…grow great with the cattleyas…a little too hot here to get the max flower size but they always bloom without doing anything special..If you would like prepayment call me and I will give credit info. Thanks Denny

  3. I am looking for an Lc. Magic Bell, do you have any in stock!
    Sharon Duritzo
    Long Island Orchid Society

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