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HI!  My name is Brian Monk.  I am a veterinarian, a photographer, and an orchid lover.  I have a large orchid collection, consisting of several hundred plants, housed in a 4000 sqare foot automatic shade/greenhouse.

I have a hybridizing program, directed toward producing several things:  Pink Cattleyas with an all-white lip, white multifloral Paphs, and heat tolerant Oncidiinae crosses.  I do my own lab work, flasking my own crosses.  I also do lab work for others, and you may inquire if interested at blullamaorchids@aol.com.

I am an active speaker at orchid societies, with several lecture topics, including : ” Some Like It Hot: Brazilian Miltonias”  , “What Do You Mean, It Won’t Grow?”  ,  “In the Pink:  C. loddigesii, C. harrisoniana, and their Hybrids”  ,  “Sex In the Greenhouse; Confessions of an Orchid Pornographer”  ,  “Tolumnias: We Were All Weeds Once”  ,  and “More IS Better: Multifloral Paphiopedilums.”  I try to develop a new lecture every year, and inquiries from interested societies should also be directed to blullamaorchids@aol.com.

Lastly, I sell plants and photography prints.  Photographs and pricing information can be seen at www.blullamaorchids.com, and information of plants I have for sale OR trade can be seen at the sister wordpress page, FOR SALE or TRADE.

This blog is dedicated to my orchids and my photography, so that I cold share the things I love with my family and friends.  I hope you enjoy it.


Posted June 28, 2011 by brianmonk

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  1. Cypripedium is the other genus of slipper orchids! am I the first? is this the right email or should it be in the comments section

  2. Hi Brian,
    My name is Lynne Madonia. How funny, I too am a photoshopping, orchid-growing veterinarian! As a bifoliate nut I ran across your blog while searching for an all white C. heathii. My first award is on a heathii! I will watch your sell/trade page for one! Yell if you want to swap some befoliates!

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