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Tsiku Taiwan EV

In bloom now

Some of these posts I am doing mostly for myself, because I need a diary for the new greenhouse.  Just some facts:  The greenhouse is approximately 107 feet by 32 feet.  That is approximately 3400 square feet.  I moved all of the plants (approx. 1000 plants) about 3 months ago, and they have settled in nicely.  Seeing as how they were treated like red-headed stepchildren for the 9 months previously.  I was lucky I didn’t have more losses.  But many seedlings were lost, and many name tags amongst the seedlings were jumbled, requiring the identification of these as they bloom with care and research into my meticulous record keeping.     Work on the remaining superstructure is slow, as I have to fabricate the rafters individually (they cost me 40 per to make, and 250 to buy!).  The benches are set as piers perpendicular to the side walls, and are about 12 x 6.  Some are double levels, for storage and raising Paph and Phal seedlings.  I am trying to make good use of the space, so aisles between the benches are 3 feet.  My space up front for storage and work is approximately 15 x 32.  This means that I will have room for 10 benches per side, with 120 square feet per, so approximately 2400 square feet of bench space.  I have 6 built so far.  That’s a lot more plants!  YAY!  The automatic watering system is now going to be fast tracked, as the rains of summer have let up.  Tsiku Taiwan EV 2

Rain every day for the last 2 months has caused some fungal loss of even more seedlings even with 2 applications of fungicide.  But the Paphs and Phals are thriving, and a few very nice things are starting to spike.x-venosa-Big-Surprise

The loddigesii are looking particularly fine, and several select seedlings are finally nearing maturity.  ‘New Blood’ and ‘New Hope’,both from the most recent loddigesii offerings from Cal Orchids, are going to bloom very well.0408101440loddigesii NewBlood 2

The hybridizing programs are widely diversified, and I should probably scale back, but the truth is all are specifically focused so I have difficulty justifying their retirement.  Most exciting this year has been the intergeneric Oncidiinae program.  Ultimately, my goal is to produce colorful and HEAT-TOLERANT intergenerics.  Given the possibility of expanding the influence of Miltonias, their lack of fertility, and the dearth of tetraploid clones in the yellows and whites, I have had to make a number of straight Miltonia crosses this year, specifically for the purpose of treating them for polyploidy.  What follows is a list of crosses with pods holding so far.

Milt. Xenia ‘Purple Tiger’ x Milt. Sandcut ‘Leopard’ – Hoping for more floriferous version of pastels with contrasting lips and strong watermarksXeniaPurple Tiger.
Milt. Guanabara ‘Nuuanu’ x Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ – Looking for the same.guanabara SandCutLeopard2
Milt. Ken Peterson ‘#2’ x Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’– Hoping for contrasting lips with deep purple color.KenPetersonNo2 a SandCutLeopard
Milt. Binotii ‘Peloric #1’ x Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ – Completely prospective to investigate pelorism in Miltonias.
Milt. Xenia x Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ OR Milt binotii ‘Light Peloric’ – So much for my meticulous record keeping!
Milt. Sandy’s Cove ‘Woodlands’ x Milt. Binotii ‘Light Peloric’ – More pelorism.
Mtssa. Olmec ‘Waterfall’ x Milt. Sandcut ‘Leopard’ – More flowers on a very strong spike with fantastic mix of mind-blowing colors? Yes, thank you!NOID SandCutLeopard
Mtssa. Olmec. ‘Waterfall’ x Milt. Tropic Dawn – moreliana-sized flowers in yellows and oranges with watermarks and contrasting lips.TropicDawnBL
Milt. moreliana ‘Monarch’ x moreliana ‘Questions’ – Tetraploid breeding with extremely full flower crossed with an extremely large flower.morelianaMonarch moreliana Questions
C. Fulvescens ‘#2’ x (C. Christopher Hausermann x C. harrisoniana) – Pink breeding, with compact pinks the end result.HarrisxHauserman FulvescensMontage
Mtssa. Dark Star ‘Darth Vader’ x Milt. Leucoglossa ‘Grassy Waters’ – Hmmmmmmm.
Mtssa. Dark Star ‘Darth Vader’ x Milt. Sandcut ‘Leopard’ – Imagine moreliana with watermarks and waterfalls!
Mtssa. Dark Star ‘Darth Vader’ x Milt Castanea ‘LaJolla’
Mtssa. Olmec ‘Waterfall’ x Milt. Tropic Dawn – Big vibrant Miltassias sure beat the browns and whites we have now.
Lc. Wolterae ‘Everglades’ x C. harrisoniana ‘Volcano Queen’ – anceps breeding with a very large (4N? mericlone) harrisoniana, should be very interesting temperature tolerant soft pinks similar to Puppy Love but with deeper color.
C. harrisoniana ‘Volcano Queen’ x vLc. Wolterae ‘Everglades’ – Reverse cross.
Simplicity ‘In The Pink’ x Triumphans – Simplicity is Hoff. L. longipes x C. loddigesii, with a self-supportive spike of 5-8 star-shaped deep pink small flowers with contrasting cream lips.  Triumphans is rex x dowiana.  These should be really cool, like a miniature Mrs. Pitt with more flowers.Simplicity-ITP
Fulvescens #1 x Triumphans – A double dose of dowiana with a quarter rex and forbesii.  An entirely new line of compact yellows.
Mtssa. Moonlight x Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ – A white Miltassia with a yellow Miltonia with a contrasting pink lip.  Hoping for yellow Miltassias with deep markings.TranquilityMoonlight SandCutLeopard2
Mtssa. Olmec ‘Waterfall’ x Milt. Sandcut ‘Leopard’ – I liked it so much, I made another pod.
Milt. Castanea ‘LaJolla’ x Milt. Christina Carpenter Rumfelt ‘Everglades’ – Milt. C.C.R is a huge purple with beautiful light purple watermarks in the petals and sepals.  Milton Carpenter considers it one of the finest pure Brazilian Miltonias he has seen, or made.
Milt. Sand Cut ‘Leopard’ x Milt. Christina Carpenter Rumfelt ‘Everglades’

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  1. Brian, quite a transformation from the east to west coast. Good luck with ALL of your breeding attempts. I look forward to seeing the results.

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