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On Thursday, August 11, it was my pleasure to speak to the Florida West Coast Orchid Society in Largo, Florida!  The lecture was a favorite, “What Do You Mean It Won’t Grow?” which addresses the idea that orchids will tell yo what they need, yo just have to listen.   Thanks to all of those who helped me set up and load and unload plants, and to all of those who brought plants in for the show table.  I was very impressed with the growing abilities of everyone who brought in their babies, and especially impressed with the range of cultural techniques used by your growers.  Everything from traditional pot culture to semi-hydroponic growing was represented! 

Congratulations to Jennifer, Charles, and Bill, who grew and bloomed the monthly winners!  Unfortunately, I did not record the names of the specific plants, so two are unidentified. I will have their names this week.  Here are the photos:

Charles’ winning slipper, Paph. LSF Gold Standard (Golddollar x kolopakingii).


Jennifer’s winning Ascocenda.


Bill’s winning Cattleya (2 photos). 


The next day, Charles invited me to his greenhouses to see some of his fantastic plants.  Charles in his environment: 


Mexipedium xerophyticum, the single species in this genus related to Paphs and Phrags.  (Can you name the last member genus of the slipper orchids? A prize to the first person to email me – an unbloomed seedling of one of my crosses!)

An unknown Mokara Hybrid.  These hybrids get their shape from the genus Arachnis, also called the Spider Orchid.  The genus s a poplar cut-flower, but  are vastly under-represented with awards in the AOS judging system.  I suspect this is because of their shape, but one must consider their beatiful colors and genetic heritage.

Ascda. Ken Kone ‘Norma’.  This plant won its award under the cultural skill of Jack Majewski in 1999, and was named in honor of  his wife.  I don’t believe that this clone was ever commercially made available, and this may be the only plant of ‘Norma’ in existence.  Charles’ collection is full of these rare and unique plants.  Hats off to him for preserving them!


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  1. Cypripedium is the other genus of slipper orchids! am I the first? is this the right email or should it be in the comments section

  2. Oh my gosh!! There were TWO other genera! I guess I owe you, Stfano! Send me your addres at blullamaorchids@aol.com

  3. It is Selenepedium! It is unfortunate that I live in Canada

  4. Congratulations! How do I ship to Canada??

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